Innovation in Education – The Faithful Shepherd Difference

At Faithful Shepherd, we pride ourselves on these three areas of excellence:

1) Academic excellence achieved through personalized learning 
Extremely talented and passionate staff meet each student where they are at in their learning journey so they can grow to their fullest potential. Class sizes of 25 or less ensure that teachers have the time to give each child individualized attention.

2) Innovative Learning Techniques
From SMART Boards throughout the school, to Tablets in grades K-2 and laptops and Chromebooks in grades 3-8. Technology is part of the core curriculum and engrained into multiple learning experiences.

3) A vibrant faith-based community
In partnership with our parishes, Faith is integrated at all levels – individual, class, school and community. Daily opening prayers, weekly schoolwide Mass, “Faith In Action” Fridays, and community-wide events ensure that a strong Faith-based experience is woven into each child’s experience.

With average standardized test scores that consistently exceed the 80th percentile, we’re proud of the reputation Faithful Shepherd has earned.


“I wake every morning knowing that I am going into a safe and loving environment where my friends, peers, and teachers help me to thrive and learn at Faithful Shepherd Catholic School.”

-Anna, 8th grader

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors serves as the governing body for Faithful Shepherd Catholic School. Their formation, duties and responsibilities include the Catholicity of the school, spiritual formation, long range planning, fiscal development, and approval of policies.

Fr. Tim Wozniak, STB

Jason Skagen, STB

Cara Geheren, STB

Fr. Doug  Ebert, SJN

Jennifer Neuman, SJN

Molly Ryan, SJN

Fr. Steven Hoffman, SP

Yvonne Houle-Gillard, SP

Tom Kraus, SP


Faithful Shepherd Catholic School works in partnership with parents/guardians, students, educators and the parishes of St. John Neumann, St. Peter, and St. Thomas Becket. Faithful Shepherd Catholic School fosters an educational environment based on the Word of God. Enlivened by Catholic values, students are prepared to flourish spiritually, intellectually, physically, and personally. Faithful Shepherd Catholic School strives to inspire life-long learners and respectful, responsible Catholic participants in the greater community.