At Faithful Shepherd, our faculty, parent and faith communities are committed to providing students with the knowledge, skills and experience they need to flourish in today’s world.

With smaller class sizes, a rigorous curriculum and faith-based learning environment, FSCS offers an educational experience that is rooted in spiritual values and driven by academic excellence.

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Open Houses/Schedule a Tour

We invite all families interested in FSCS to visit, ask questions and get to know our community!

To request more information and speak with an enrollment coordinator, you may call Jen Claude at 651-262-2898 or fill out our online request form found here.


Faithful Shepherd Catholic School is committed to using our financial resources wisely and keeping tuition affordable for all families.  Tuition and fees for the 2019-2020 school year is as follows:

Grades K-8 Tuition, Parishioner $6,349
Grades K-8 Tuition, Non-Parishioner $8,463
New child application fee (one time fee per child) $50

We are committed to making a Faithful Shepherd education available to all. Last year alone, we gave out over $140,000 in financial aid to help make the cost of tuition more affordable to families. Additional information about financial aid can be found here.  You are also welcome to contact our Executive Director, Mike Randall, at 651-262-2885 if you have any questions.


Tuition covers a majority of the expenses of a school day excluding lunch and a few specific fees listed below:

$75 Registration Fee:  Once accepted to Faithful Shepherd, a $75 per family registration annual fee along with a non-refundable $400 tuition deposit, per student, is due. Deposits are applied toward tuition for the upcoming school year, but are non-refundable if a student withdraws.

$100 Activity Fee: We encourage our teachers to provide supplemental educational opportunities unique to their classrooms, and we have worked to develop school-wide programs to help our students achieve their potential.  To support these initiatives, a nominal activity fee of $100 that covers student expenses such as:

  • Technology
  • Student planners
  • Auction projects
  • Classroom parties
  • Field day
  • Art Adventure
  • Catholic Schools Week

$170 Chromebook Fee (2019-2020): This fee is for Middle School students only and covers the annual lease of Chromebooks which are issued to each student in Middle School.

Most school fees are payable on our STARPay website

School uniforms instills a sense of pride and identity among students, and they provide comfort and convenience. Plus, not having to decide what your child has to wear each morning provides a better start to your day!

  • All uniforms can be purchased through the following channels:
    Through the designated uniform supplier – Donald’s Apparel and Uniforms. Clothing can be purchased at their St Paul store, or ordered through their website.
  •  Two onsite new and used uniform sales hosted by Donald’s and the Faithful Shepherd Home & School Association
  • School prep sale in the Summer (July/August)
  • Mid-year sale in February
  • Branded sweatshirts are available to supplement the regular uniform (sweaters and sweatshirts), and StarWear for designated out-of-uniform days. To download an order form click the links:
  • Uniform Sweatshirts
  • Star Apparel


If you wish to drive your children to or from school, carpool is also available. There are three designated locations, depending on your child’s age. Some features of carpool include:

  • Faculty assist children in and out of school so you don’t have to get out of your car.
  • Kindergarten and 1st Grade students have their own location for extra assistance and safety.
  • You can do a combination of carpool and busing. For example, you can drop your child off in the morning and have them take the bus home.

Free bus service is provided for Faithful Shepherd Catholic School students living within the District 196 boundaries by the District 196. Students take a District 196 bus to a District 196 school depending on their location, and from there pick up a bus to Faithful Shepherd. We arrange this directly with District 196, and they mail you transportation information with times, bus numbers, and neighborhood pick-ups and drop-off points. All you have to do is complete a transportation information form.

A bus is also available to students living in the Mendota Heights area of District 197 for a fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Over $200,000 is available in financial aid to qualifying families. Eligibility is determined on a yearly basis by FACTS Tuition Management and can be applied for online once a family has applied to Faithful Shepherd. The deadline for applying for financial aid is April 16 for the following school year. Financial aid eligibility is determined on a yearly basis. The number of children attending school at Faithful Shepherd is taken into consideration when determining financial aid distribution.

​Click here to apply for Financial Aid

To learn more about FACTS, view their information brochure here.

A: New kindergarten students must be five years old, and first graders must be six years old, on or before September 1. All new students are admitted on a probationary basis for one academic year.

A: While a waiting list is not anticipated for this admissions cycle, from time to time, FSCS may have more applicants than seats available. In those cases, students unable to be offered a seat by FSCS will be placed on a waiting list.

A: FSCS sponsors four major fundraisers each year to contribute to the needs of operating our school and keeping tuition affordable for all families: Septemberfest (September), The STAR Fund (November), Gala For Giving Live & Silent Auction (February) and Ecothon(April). Families are generally asked to volunteer their time and talents to support these fundraising activities.